About us

We would like to introduce ourselves to you! In the meantime more than 12 years ago we started our rental agency in Rotterdam. Due to the increasing demand for wanting and being able to sell homes from our clientele, we decided at the time to sell homes in the right way to pick up.

The success of HS Makelaars lies in the close involvement with all customers, giving maximum attention, the constant striving for maximum quality, keeping what you promise and responding adequately! In our organization it is also quite normal to work when you are not working. Also on a Saturday!

Together with you we ensure a good presentation on our website, Funda.nl, Huislijn.nl, Pararius/koopwoningen.nl. We do this by means of professional photos, video, map and 3D photos. Also think of Facebook, Google and YouTube. We do everything in our power to bring your home to the attention of as wide a public as possible.

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